Meet Matt Martin


Matt is a lifelong progressive and civil rights attorney at the Illinois Attorney General's Office, where he focuses on issues including police reform, workers' rights, healthcare, LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, and immigration. Through his work, he helped draft the consent decree to hold the city accountable in reforming our police department, and has been on the front lines fighting back against Trump’s immigration policies.

Matt serves on the local school council at McPherson Elementary, where his son Isaac will attend next year. He also co-founded the Heart of Lincoln Square Neighbors Association, and served on Alderman Pawar’s Zoning Advisory Council. He lives in Lincoln Square with his wife, Katelyn, and his three-year-old son, Isaac.

Matt lives in Lincoln Square with his wife, Katelyn, and three year old son, Isaac.

Matt lives in Lincoln Square with his wife, Katelyn, and three year old son, Isaac.

While Chicago is now his home, Matt grew up in Tucson, Arizona, raised by a single mother. His father, an immigrant, came to the United States from West Africa to get a quality education. He met Matt’s mother while studying at the University of Arizona, and returned to West Africa following graduation to build a better future for his countrymen and women. While Matt and his mother had hoped to follow him, they ultimately stayed in Arizona.

Matt and his mother didn’t have a lot when he was growing up, and she sometimes worked two jobs to make sure Matt never worried about having a place to sleep or having to skip a meal. Matt found a job down the street scooping ice cream, and he used the money he earned to buy a saxophone. He used that saxophone to get a scholarship to Northwestern University, where he studied music and political science. He later attended Harvard, where he earned his law degree.

Matt’s life experiences drive him every day. There are too many people in our city who work hard and still struggle. He’s running for alderman because everyone deserves a life of dignity and respect.

Every day of the campaign, Matt talks to people who share this simple but bold vision. We can take on big challenges like affordable housing, fully funding our schools, and reforming our police department. But to do that, our ward needs an independent, progressive leader who will stand up together with neighbors to fight for all of our interests, not just the wealthy and well-connected.