I am so proud to be endorsed by United Working Families, and join their slate of candidates who are working to take back City Hall from the monied interests and old political machines.

In the months and weeks to come, I look forward to working alongside their members to fight for a bold agenda and to bring independent leadership to City Hall.

United working families endorsement


Far too often, our political process is derailed by elected officials beholden to the special interests that fund their campaigns, or old political machines. Our neighbors know we need independent leadership and a bold agenda in City Hall to get things done.

That’s why I am so proud to be endorsed by ONE People's Campaign, which works tirelessly for a political system that puts people first.

one peoples campaign endorsement

47th Ward Democrats Forum

Thanks to Paul Rosenfeld and the 47th Ward Democrats for hosting our second forum! I know this is a complicated race. It speaks volumes about our community that, three months from the election, so many people came out to learn more. I hope to continue the conversation about how we can bring a bold agenda, and independent leadership to City Hall.

You can watch the full forum here.

Letter to Voters

With nine people now running for Alderman in the 47th Ward, we know this is a complicated race. Read Matt's letter to voters to learn what compelled him to run, and his vision for the ward and the city.

Office Opening

In the past few months, more than 150 people have signed up to talk to neighbors about how we can make sure our ward is affordable, our schools are fully funded, and our police department is reformed.

Now, we're excited to open our storefront office at 2117 W Irving Park Rd. This will be a space to pick up a canvass packet, grab a cup of coffee, or just stop by and talk. Thanks to all of the volunteers and supporters who came out to help us break-in the space. Feel free to drop by between 11 AM - 8 PM Monday through Thursday and between 10 AM and 4 PM Saturday and Sunday.

office opening


I am proud to be endorsed by Northside Democracy for America who, for years, have trained and helped elect so many strong, progressive candidates. After reviewing questionnaires, selecting three candidates for interview, and open questions, 98% of participating voting members voted to endorse our campaign. You can view my interview around the 33 minute mark.

I look forward to working with their members to ensure our ward is affordable, our schools are fully funded, and our police department is reformed.

Campaign Updates

July 27, 2018

Since launching the campaign, I've made connecting with residents my top priority. Six days a week I'm out knocking doors, often with friends and family. Together, we've knocked on the doors of over 4,500 residents—and we're just getting started. In late August, we'll start collecting signatures so I can get my name on the ballot. Will you sign up to come walk with me for an hour or two?

The campaign wouldn't be where it is without your support. To date, we've raised over $90,000 from 375 supporters. Thank you so much!

Your gift of any amount helps us reach our neighbors and is much appreciated.

Neighborhood News

  • Ravenswood was recently featured in the Sun-Times's new neighborhood exploration series, The Grid. Breweries, print artists, nature museum archives, a wall of cereal—what more could you want?!?

  • Are you looking for a modest but meaningful way to improve the environment? Consider supporting Chicago's first no-emissions compost company, which was started by neighborhood high schoolers.

  • Waters Elementary is bursting at the seams and will be getting more classroom space via a new annex. Audubon is getting help, too, in the form of a new roof. Learn more about CPS’s planned capital improvements.

  • Color me excited about the arrival of One River School to Lincoln Square in October! One less vacant storefront. One more way for neighbors to bond over a shared love of the arts.

Scenes from the Ward

The 47th Ward Shows Up

A month ago, residents from across the Ward came together at the March for Families to reaffirm that they support families. All families. No exceptions.

Heard in the Ward

"We know we have a short amount of time left in our home," said a neighbor who rents. He's confident he and his wife will be displaced within the next several years, either by skyrocketing rents or a sale that leads to a tear down or conversion.


Young Artists Rising

Check out the Young Artists Rising series that's currently on display in the Alderman's office. It showcases the work of numerous talented artists from Lake View and Amundsen high schools.