We’ve been staying out on the doors talking to our neighbors about the issues that are important to them. Volunteers old and new have been coming out to have engaging conversations about how to make the ward and city better. Check what a few of them had to say about recent canvasses, and find out about upcoming canvasses below.

Jimmy out on the doors in North Center

Jimmy out on the doors in North Center

Fair Tax Canvass

In July we hit the doors to talk about the crucial Fair Tax referendum that will be on our ballots in November 2020. A more progressive revenue system will help us get out of our budget crisis and fund crucial services.

I come from a family of teachers and social workers, so I hear constantly about how badly our schools and our services are underfunded. With the Fair Tax referendum we have an opportunity to make sure our budget truly reflects our values. 2020 seems a long way away, but we’ve got to start talking about it now if we are going to win this fight.

—Jimmy R.

You can read more about the how the Fair Tax will help our state here and see how the change would effect your own taxes using this tool from the Governor’s office

Environmental Issues Canvass

In early August, we went out canvassing to hear from neighbors about the environmental issues most important to them. We also shared with folks some of the great environmental legislation that Alderman Martin has sponsored in City Council (more info here) and talked about how Ward 47 residents can get involved with green initiatives right here in the Ward.

“I went out canvassing because I’m concerned about the environment and how our city is responding to the climate crisis. I love that Matt is taking the lead on so many environmental issues, and I wanted to share that with my neighbors. It was a great afternoon of connecting and learning, and I’m excited to do it again soon!”

—Megan G.

Megan knocked doors for the time ever!

Megan knocked doors for the time ever!

The 47th Ward Green Council meets regularly to help shape environmental policy for the ward and to design community projects to help make that ward greener. For more info or to sign up, visit our Ward office site here.

Before hitting the doors, canvassers sent good wishes to Matt and Katelyn on the birth of their daughter, Ameena!

Before hitting the doors, canvassers sent good wishes to Matt and Katelyn on the birth of their daughter, Ameena!

Clean Energy Jobs Act Canvass

Last weekend, we chatted with Ward 47 residents about the Clean Energy Jobs Act. This bill, introduced in the Illinois house by our own State Rep Ann Williams, will

The people I spoke with about the Clean Jobs act were uniformly supportive. People responded to the idea that since Trump withdrew the US from the Kyoto Agreement, it is up to us to insist on doing whatever we can to save the planet. Their frustration was palpable. All the people I spoke with were interested in the promise of solar power for homeowners, schools, libraries, government and other public buildings.

—Rinda W.

You can learn more about CEJA here, and get involved by coming to this forum on Tuesday, September 10th


Police Reform, Sunday 9/8

Our police department badly needs reform. Every year Chicago spends $100 million dollars compensating the victims of police misconduct—that's three times the amount we spend on affordable housing. That's not what justice looks like.

In early September, the Public Safety Committee I sit on will be holding hearings on some new ordinances that would increase civilian oversight of the department. Come join us and learn about what we can do, and share that knowledge with your neighbors.

Sign up and more details here

Public schools, Saturday 9/21

All children need and deserve access to high-quality neighborhood public schools, but our schools are badly understaffed and underfunded.

Join us to talk with neighbors about what we can do to better support our students, teachers, and schools.

Sign up and more details here